Shannon Carroll/Mr Lady

Content Marketing Manager, BlogHer

Mr Lady is seldom a mister, and never a lady. She gave up a life of making martinis and babies - both mostly in bars - after becoming somebody's mother (x3) and somebody's wife (x1) (working on X2). She kills hamsters and cookies with ruthless efficiency, and sometimes drinks with Communists. She was also deported from Canada once. That was fun.

She's been exploiting her three children and her mommy issues online since 2005 on her personal blog, Whiskey In My Sippy Cup Shannonigans {dot} co, yo. She's been involved with BlogHer at the speaker-level since 2008, and now serves as the Content Marketing Manager at BlogHer. She fills her idle hour(s) sitting on the Board of Directors of Violence Unsilenced, a domestic violence awareness non-profit and devising digital communication strategies for companies who are terrified of the internet. 

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