Mrs. Micah considers alternative sources of income

Trent at The Simple Dollar posted about this yesterday and it started me thinking. How can I diversify my income? Where are places where I can make a little or a lot?

Since I was 13, I’ve been sewing clothes. I’ve made 4 Civil War era gowns (one done from an authentic pattern to its specifications and 3 done from modern patterns), 2 wedding dresses, 1 bridesmaid dress, other dresses, little summer outfits, pants, tunics, lots of stuff. Lately I’ve been focusing more on quilting, because I like it better. It suddenly hit me, however, that I could augment my income by taking in some sewing, as they used to say.

A helpful poster on TSD suggested that I advertise my services on Craigslist. Today’s been very busy at work, but tomorrow or this weekend I’ll definitely get around to that. I also need to practice my skills on altering. I can do simpler things like hems, but when it comes to altering something commercial, I need to learn more. Last year I found a $1 book at a library sale which lays it out. And a good friend got me a whole pattern-designing book/CD-ROM as a wedding/graduation present.

(note to blogher readers. This comes from my blog where I've been looking at developing some income from my blog)

I experimented with ads a bit on here, but I think I’m going to take them off. Doesn’t seem worth it unless I had much higher traffic. Also, I can’t control what’s being advertised, which bothers me. If, say, I was a well-known blogger then I could get someone like ING to advertise on my site—instead of steroid stores. I mean, what the crap? Steroids?

Instead, I’m looking into something where I could post reviews or somesuch periodically (say, weekly?) and be paid to post.

I’ve been looking at PayPerPost. But I’ll have had to be on here 90 days. That would be in early November. So look for such content around that time. I definitely don’t intend to do it more than twice a week, probably only once. And if I do it twice, I’ll probably have my own entries that day too. Because I don’t want to be a corporate shill and I don’t want this blog to be about that.

But since the blog is about finance and it’s a legitimate way to earn some money and we need money to pay off our debts or save for retirement…(see how I’m justifying it to myself?) I’m going to do it. As long as I can find relevant things to write about. Like finance.


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