Multi-Tasking My Book Stack

I heard that after the many embarrassing moments involving George W. Bush and what book he was supposedly reading, that the question, “Mr. President, what are you reading now?” was off limits to the press core.  That may have been after a photo was snapped of him reading a book upside down, or after his admission that he used books as a sedative before sleeping. After his admission that he was a diehard Tom Wolfe fan his well-meaning handlers published his 2005 reading list that supposedly included such heady subjects as the history of salt (the seasoning not the treaty), a biography of Alexander the Great and an epic tome on the Great Influenza epidemic of 1918. It was more believable when he admitted his favorite books were The Very Hungry Caterpillar and the Bible.

I sometimes cringe when I think about what my reading list would reveal about me.  I have eclectic taste, I swap books with friends every month, and I read multiple genres at once.  Perhaps that says that I am easily distracted, or easily bored.  I’m not sure.  What I do know, is that I always have a towering stack of books that I haven’t started yet and that makes me at once eager and guilty.  I guess I’ve never met a book that I didn’t think I wanted to read.  So I’ll let you be the judge of what these books say about me, and challenge you to share what your book stack looks like and imagine what they may say about you.

Click here to see my book stack:

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