Mum! He's going to hit me in the wiener!

My daughter is four, my son is seven. They play nicely but they bicker and fight like all siblings. Tonight was something else.
Daughter: "MUM! He is trying to hit me in my wiener!"
Me: "Um, you don't have a wiener."
Daughter: "Yes, I do!"
Me: "No, really you don't."
Son:"No, I'm not mum. (My son laughs) I'm trying to hit her in the nuts."
Me: "What?!" Daughter: I DON'T HAVE ANY NUTS! You hurt my feelings!" (Runs off)
Yet another night of overtired sillies and funny but inappropriate, we will have to talk about this later, comments from the kids. My son went one way and my daughter went to the kitchen table where she furiously started creating one of her now infamous "You hurt my feelings" cards.
This is Teagan. Her feelings are hurt. She doesn't take hurt feelings lightly.
The top is me. The bottom is Teagan. She has packed two bags for us to leave in a bus. Notice the broken heart.
I guess she wasn't too thrilled about her brother joking around with her because apparently we are leaving his ass home when we leave on this bus/machine of death contraption. Evidently only Mum, Dad and Teagan are invited.
I asked her,"What about Troy?"
She replied," He's staying home."
Sibling rivalry rules.
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