Mummy Monday: What are you thinking leaving your baby alone with the dog?!?!?


As you all know, last week we gave our 12-year-old husky to a new home.  Our reasons were varied.  We travel A LOT, so she would spend days on end at the kennel, which is both pricey and not fair to her.  Another reason was Poppet.  We discovered when my niece started to crawl that our husky, who loved children, and had NEVER had any issues, did not like a little being crawling around her.   It meant competition for her food, her affection, etc.  I remember we heard her growl and realized it was at my niece.  Ever since, the RULE was that NO MATTER WHAT YOU THOUGHT the dog was NEVER allowed to be near the baby, whether adults were around or not.  The ONLY time was if an adult was holding the baby and Nikita could come up and smell, lick, explore, etc.  Other than that, if there was a child around, the dog was not.  She would be on a different floor behind a child gate until the house was clear.

When Poppet came home, Nikita had to be fenced in to the front entryway.  


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