Munchkin's sleep disorder finally has a name

After many, many, many, many  sleepless nights, my munchkin's sleep disorder finally has a name. Unfortunately, his sleep disorder also comes with a second diagnosis (on top of his autism) that we will have to have nailed down as well before we will finally see some results. I'm sure you've all heard of the one parent that complains that their infant never  slept through the night, waking more frequently than you ever thought could be humanly possible, living on so little sleep that you thought they, (and you), would die of exhaustion. That was this mom right here. It was never uncommon for Munchkin to wake frequently then be completely done sleeping by  three or four in the morning. After out latest 36-hour stint of exhaustive high energy with zero sleep, I hauled him into the doctor, again, to have a chat with his developmental pediatrician about what could possibly be wrong with my baby. He's only *almost* three! Every book that I've read, and I've read a lot of them, all claim that he should have at least 12-15 hours of sleep every single 24-hour period. I was lucky if he was getting 4 hours in a 72-hour period. 

After sitting in the doctor office for nearly 4 hours, talking to the doctor, a child psychologist, and a nurse practitioner, it was determined that Munchkin has delayed sleep-phase disorder. Essentially, his sleep is significantly delayed. To learn more about delayed sleep phase disorder and our exhausting journey of no sleep, finish reading here:


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