Muppets Mayhem and a pig rubber snout

Kermit's stalwart gang is finally clued in about his disappearance and stages a prison break-in to save the hapless frog.

Sam Eagle and Ty Burrell in Muppets Most Wanted Ty Burrell as an Interpol agent and formidable Sam Eagle from America's badass CIA. Go kick Europe's ass Sam. AMERICA NUMBER ONE!!!!!!

The finale finds Kermit reunited with Piggy. What better way to celebrate his return than to hold a wedding rivaling any vile diamond-laden royal nuptials! Her shining moment finally arrives when she walks down the aisle with Kermit in London. Is it possible that after decades of dating these two will tie the knot? How could there not be a happy ending when you are walking down the aisle in a Vivienne Westwood gown? Forget Vera Wang! Piggy went Westwood!

Of course the entire gang is reunited, criminals are apprehended and the gang breaks out in typical Muppets-style song and dance.

Miss Piggy in Vivienne Westwood gown Muppets Most Wanted Miss Piggy in Vivienne Westwood. Oh Vivienne, couldn't you have designed something more subversive? I expected a 70s punk style treatment with shredded tulle, safety pins and THE FROG IS DEAD splattered on her torso. Image: Walt Disney.

What set this sequel apart is the amount of A-list celebrity cameos. I would have preferred to see newer Muppet characters, rather than playing "name-that-celeb." Can't Hollywood give celebrity-obsessed America a break and save P. Diddy, Lady Gaga, Salma Hayek, Christoph Waltz, Céline Dion, Josh Grobin, etc., for a future Muppet movie or Christmas special? Nah, in today's world, celebrity in and of itself is idolized.

After a Muppet-fest I could not leave my possé and retire. My girlfriends and I scuttled to a hamburger/wine bar to discuss the movie and stuff our face with grass-fed beef and cheap aged grape juice by the carafe.

Me and Kermit enjoying our 1/2 off bottles of wine with the girls.

Me and Kermit enjoying our 1/2 off bottles of wine with the girls. One sarcastic friend asked "1/2 off bottles of wine? What time did you arrive? 9am?" Duh, no. I don't drink before noon. That's Europe's relegation.

You have to love a NY sense of humor. When I asked our hostess to pull up a high chair for my Kermit toy, she not only returned with a chair, but a plastic cup filled with water and wedge of lime. She thanked me for wearing the pig costume and bringing along my plush friend. We all laughed out loud, but fell silent when we were handed us the "1/2 off bottles of wine" happy hour menu. I wanted to wear my rubber snout the rest of the evening, but pulled that sucker off to enjoy my sumptuous dinner. I was grateful to be surrounded by like-minded friends who know how to have a good laugh and enjoy life while the wine is flowing.

Kermit in a high chair enjoying seltzer and lime What a spoiled frog.

Bacon Mints from Arche McPhee What did I have for dessert? Bacon mints of course. Kermie recoiled when I tried to seduce him after ingesting carmelized onions. Really Kermie? Typical American guy. All talk, no action. Text me.


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