Murdering Aspys for Mammon's Sake

The United Kingdom has many fine qualities, and I still want to move to Wales (Dragon on the flag? Yes, please.) but they are no better than America, or almost anywhere else come to think of it, about forgetting VERY quickly what a very, very bad idea it is to vote hard right. Or even middle right when the hard right is growling too loudly. For the love of Christ, the “left” over there has been soft right for as long as American’s “left” has been. Why go further? Nonetheless, there were enough right wing people elected that David Cameron rose to power there in 2010. Apparently some people missed Margaret Thatcher, because she was such a good thing for Britain.

The conservative regime has gone about as well as the left predicted, sadly.

Cameron and his cronies – including Patrick Rock who was just arrested for kiddie porn but that should not be held against Cameron because sex offenders and child molesters are often “charming” and no one believes that this “nice guy” could be a fucking child predator – have done their best to re-Thatcherize the UK. This has, as anyone who has ever read history know, been a suckfest for 98% of Britain.

It has gotten so bad among the chronically unemployed and underemployed (which could happen to ANY of us at ANY time) who have had their already meager benefits cut have had to return food to charity run food banks because because they didn’t have the electricity credits to cook the items. This even worse than it looks, considering that the “number of hard-up Scots families turning to food banks has reached record levels, with 7700 asking for help in January – half the number for the whole of 2013. Last month, Scotland’s biggest food bank, Glasgow City Mission, shut after running out of food.”

Yeah, conservatives in England are always such good news for the Scots.

Not that Cameron’s Clowns are doing so hot by the soft southies, either.

Conservatives, in a fit of BRILLIANCE, gave a company called Atos (which was first hired by the Labour government, because Labour was soft right; not even soft left) a 500 million pound (that’s $606 million in the US) to “weed out” those pesky devils abusing their benefits. Conservatives are always so convinced that people in need are faking it. The dumbasses assumed that (regardless of those silly liberal facts) there would be enough deadbeats to save the government loads of extra money on top of the scratch they handed over to a privatized company. I am SURE that company wouldn’t be motivated to “prove” it’s worth by cutting harder and deeper than warranted. It is a private firm and according to conservatives only government agencies have inefficiencies and mismanagement. Privatization is sacred.

Yeah, about that …

On the 17th of February newspapers reported that “The government is preparing to oust Atos Healthcare from its £500m contract administering millions of fit-for-work tests for sick and disabled people … Atos has become the lightning rod for widespread public and political anger over the health test, known as the work capability assessment. The test has been criticised by MPs and campaigners as crude and inhumane, amid mounting evidence that hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people have been wrongly judged to be fit for work and ineligible for government support.”

Just a few days later the news was reporting that “Atos Healthcare said it had been in discussions with officials for several months about ending its £500m work capability assessment contract … The company that carries out "fitness for work" tests on disabled benefit claimants is seeking an early exit from its contract with the government in the face of persistent death threats to staff.” It’s almost as if people are pissed off that Thatcher’s spirit has returned.

People getting well and truly irked now is all well and good, but it too late for “44-year-old Mark Wood … A "VULNERABLE and fragile" man starved to death four months after most of his benefits were stopped and he was left with just £40 a week to survive on … [under oath Wood’s physician] Dr Ward, from Bampton Medical Practice, said he had not been contacted by either Atos or DWP about Mr Wood’s medical history, and revealed that if they had asked for his professional opinion he would have said Mr Wood was unfit for work … Weighing just 5st 8lbs when he died of malnutrition in August last year, Mr Wood had obsessive compulsive disorder, Aspergers syndrome, phobias of food, pollution, paint fumes, and social situations, and cognitive behavioural problems.” Clearly the asshats at Atos assumed Wood, like most high-functioning Aspys, could work. Of course, if they had BOTHERED TO ASK HIS DOCTOR they would have known Wood was NOT A HIGH FUNCTIONING ASPY CAPABLE OF HOLDING A JOB.

Atos was negligent in it’s duties. When you cause someone’s death via criminal negligence (this fits because it was a gross dereliction of reasonable duty) it is negligent homicide. That means that Atos, and by extension David Cameron and his Clowns, murdered Mark Wood. They murdered him because he was an Aspy who couldn’t figure out how to fight the system or how to deal with the shit happening to him.

I spit on Atos, and by extension David Cameron and his Clowns.

The next time David Cameron has engineers “diverted from helping thousands of householders without power after David Cameron’s TV cut out while he was watching The Sound of Music”, I hope they find a way to piss in his coffee pot. Oh, and the “Two Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution engineers, part of an emergency repair team, were trying to restore power to 11,000 homes in Oxfordshire when they were called out 17 miles to the PM’s £2m house in Chipping Norton – only to find it was just a tripped fuse.”

David Cameron is an Aspy-murdering anus boil and I despise him thoroughly.


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