Murdering Aspys for Mammon's Sake

Atos was negligent in it’s duties. When you cause someone’s death via criminal negligence (this fits because it was a gross dereliction of reasonable duty) it is negligent homicide. That means that Atos, and by extension David Cameron and his Clowns, murdered Mark Wood. They murdered him because he was an Aspy who couldn’t figure out how to fight the system or how to deal with the shit happening to him.

I spit on Atos, and by extension David Cameron and his Clowns.

The next time David Cameron has engineers “diverted from helping thousands of householders without power after David Cameron’s TV cut out while he was watching The Sound of Music”, I hope they find a way to piss in his coffee pot. Oh, and the “Two Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution engineers, part of an emergency repair team, were trying to restore power to 11,000 homes in Oxfordshire when they were called out 17 miles to the PM’s £2m house in Chipping Norton – only to find it was just a tripped fuse.”

David Cameron is an Aspy-murdering anus boil and I despise him thoroughly.


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