Muscle Chow

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by Gregg Avedon

Tired of making protein shakes for your athlete after his workout? Give him some eggs. Or offer this tasty sandwich — it packs 19 grams of protein per serving.



Egg Salad Sandwich

2          hard-boiled eggs

4          hard-boiled egg whites

2          Tbsp fat-free sour cream

1          Tbsp chipotle mustard

 2         Tbsp finely chopped onion

1/4       tsp dried dill

            Dash of ground black pepper

4          slices whole-grain bread, toasted

1          box (1 1/2 oz) seedless raisins


1.  In a bowl, mash the eggs and egg whites into small pieces with a potato masher. Stir in the sour cream, mustard and onion until well mixed.


2.  Add the dill and pepper.


3.  Spread the mixture on two slices of toast, and top each slice with another piece of toast.


4.  Serve the raisins on the side.


Makes 2 servings