Mushroom and apple soup


I think when it comes to cooking, there are two kinds of people. The ones that love butter and the ones that prefer oil. I know different dishes ask for different sorts of fatty products, but you can clearly see the difference when it comes to baking meat. I, one of the butter-hugging people, prefer to bake in butter, while others (I'm not saying any names, but you know who you are) prefer to use oil.

Well, there's no right or wrong really, just personal preferences. That, and where you grew up of course.
In France, there's a pretty distinct difference between the north and the south of the country as far as the butter or oil question is concerned. In the north, they like to cook with butter (and cream... lots of cream), while in the south they have a mediterranean style of cooking, with great emphasis on olive oil.

Since I'm one of the butter-lovers, I tend to be drawn to the rich creamy food of the north. I love mediterranean food too, don't get me wrong, I love all sorts of food, but give me two recipes to choose from and 9 times out of 10, I'll pick the creamy one. So it's no wonder that I love a recipe for chicken Normandie, with lots of cream and white wine. I found it in the december 2012 issue of the Dutch version of Delicious magazine, and I've made it several times so far.

In a creative mood I thought of turning it into a mushroom and apple soup, and it turned out surprisingly good. I left out the chicken, but if you feel like adding chicken, go ahead, as long as you don't blend it with the rest of the soup!

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