Mushroom ravioli with lemon, hazelnuts and browned butter

recipe, mushroom ravioli, baked, brown butter, hazelnuts, lemon, trumpet mushroomsI made this ravioli a couple years ago and it has become my go-to for ‘fancy’ dinners; if I don’t have a lot of time, but want to do something impressive, I make mousse for dessert and I make mushroom ravioli with lemon, hazelnuts and browned butter for dinner.recipe, mushroom ravioli, baked, brown butter, hazelnuts, lemon, trumpet mushrooms

I think that this is one of the prettier dishes I’ve made. It has color, which is unusual for a mushroom recipe, from the fresh parsley (yay, garden!) and lemon zest and it has thin slices of trumpet mushrooms, which add visual texture to the pasta. The hazelnuts are warmed in the browned butter, lending them a toasty flavor and bringing out the nuttiness in the butter. The best part? It takes about half an hour to assemble this dish and the techniques are all very easy. With the lemon and fresh herbs, this recipe is perfect for a Spring dinner, served with a side salad of endive, balsamic reduction and crumbled gorgonzola. Take dinner outside and enjoy the sunshine!recipe, mushroom ravioli, baked, brown butter, hazelnuts, lemon, trumpet mushrooms

Mushroom ravioli with lemon, hazelnuts and browned butter serves 4
good olive oil
1/2 lb cremini or button mushrooms
1 clove garlic, minced
2 fresh sage leaves, minced
kosher salt
cayenne pepper
2 Tbs flour
splash white wine
4-5 trumpet mushrooms
3 Tbs butter
handful hazelnuts, chopped in half
1 pkg small wonton wraps. I use nasoya
a few sprigs Italian parsley, chopped
freshly grated parmesan cheese – about 1/2 cup
zest from 1/2 a lemon

Dice the cremini mushrooms and warm 2-3 Tbs olive oil in a medium saucepan. Add the garlic and sage and simmer. Add the diced mushrooms and a splash of white wine. Allow to simmer for a few minutes or until the mushrooms shrink slightly. Add the flour and stir to incorporate evenly. Add a pinch of kosher salt and a generous dash of cayenne. Stir, then set aside to cool completely on a plate. Start bringing a large pot of water to a boil.

Slice the trumpet mushrooms in long, thin slices: I can usually get about three slices out of one mushroom. Warm a pan with a couple Tbs olive oil and lay the sliced trumpets flat in the pan. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt and brown both sides. Set aside for later use. Place the butter and hazelnuts in a pan (I just wipe down and use the same, medium-sized saucepan) and set it on low. Stir occasionally until the butter browns. It will foam a bit at first (I think this is due to the hazelnuts), but then it will darken and the edges of the hazelnuts will toast. Take off the heat and reserve.

Now that your filling is cold, you’re ready to make your ravioli! In order for the edges of the wonton wrappers to adhere to one another, one edge of the dough has to be wet, so keep a small dish of water handy for this purpose. You have two options here: you can make 12-15 large ravioli or about 20-25 smaller ones: it’s up to you. For a larger ravioli, wet all four edges of a wrapper, place 1 Tbs filling in the center and place another wrapper on top. Pinch closed the edges and set aside. This option has more dough to filling. If you prefer, you can wet only two edges of a wrapper, place a scant 1/2 Tbs of filling in the center and pinch it closed into a triangle shape. Set ravioli aside on  dry plate until you are ready to boil them.

Lower each ravioli gently into the boiling water and turn halfway through the cooking cycle. They are very delicate and will burst open if you have not sealed the edges properly. You can test a few to start and reseal the remaining ravioli if they burst. The ravioli only need to boil for about 3 minutes and can then be lifted with a slitted spoon and placed on 1-2 lightly oiled, pyrex baking dishes. Once the ravioli are spread out on the baking dish(es), you can pile them up with the parsley, lemon, trumpet mushrooms, brown butter, hazelnuts and parmesan. Broil for a minute or two to melt the cheese and sprinkle lightly with salt and another dash of cayenne. Serve with great pomp and circumstance.

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