Music, Man

Music tames the beast - meaning me. The insanity of daily life is drowned out when music comes on the scene. B.C., (before children), my music ruled. I spent hours making those cassette tape D.J. - mixes of my favorite tunes. All catered to certain mood, the songs gave me the perfect groove to workout or the rhythm to beat off a broken heart.

My music plays in the background now. With a teenager riding side-saddle, the car radio is now tuned to the latest chart hits. If my son gets his way, we usually listen to the repetitive beat of the alphabet song (over and over again). I feel lucky if I can hear the classic music station on my way to pick up the kids or doing errands. These are now very special times for me.

Memorial Day weekend is full of honors and memories and thanks - a special time to spend with friends and family. At a picnic, someone pulled out a guitar. My son gravitates to music so naturally. Without missing a beat, he ran to the guitar and started strumming. It is eerie at times how gorgeous he plays.

A few weeks ago, he attended a drum class. Most of the time he kept his own beat on the bongos. However, there were these flashes of brilliance. Those openings bring me to a place of peace with letting go of control of the car radio and relinquishing the air time to children's music. The notes, whether sung for children or played by pop stars, say the same thing and vibrate the consciousness of cool. Those openings also connect me to the normal, brilliant, unique special child that is my son. Music reveals a language he can speak. It doesn't require him to "think" or parrot back a response. Music allows his mind to fly as effortlessly as a butterfly.

On the way home from the picnic, it got a bit dicey in the car. The children were hungry, and I didn't have the oomph to make things right. For the sake of peace, my daughter gave up the car radio. We found an old CD in the case we danced to and played in the car when she was a kid - the cassette tape DJ mix all over again. I'd burned this bunch of songs by different artists. Oh how these songs saved my soul and sanity so many times when my daughter was young. The songs played; all the beasts in the car sung along; tamed once again.

Guess it doesn't matter where the music comes from. Music never needs a point, a lesson, or a rule of thumb. Music just needs to play and play. After all, it's music, man.


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