[Video] The Guillemots: I Must Be a Lover

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I've been sick for the past four or five days so I've just been lazing around wallowing and grumbling at anyone who walks by me on the couch while I'm either listening to music or playing the Sims. I'm sure you wanted to know all that. (While I could honestly just post every Dear and the Headlights song ever, I think I'll go with something I've been listening to constantly while couch bound.)

This is I Must be a Lover by the Guillemots (sometimes stylized as gUiLLeMoTs, but that looks stupid so...). Guillemots themselves describe the song as "a rousing call of defiance against internal demons, a prayer for optimism which cascades its way into a joyous, jubilant finale," which seems a little circle jerk-y to me, but I can agree that the song is really uplifting and generally makes you feel good. It's just kind of poppy and happy with a good message and that's all I need right now. The more I find out about this band the more I start to think that this song is the only thing I like by them, but I like it so much that I'll share it anyway. Like them on their Facebook page, follow their Twitter (which is sometimes hilarious and sometimes pathetic), and (for some reason) I guess friend them on Myspace? Is that how it works still? You friend bands? Whatever. 

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