Music Monday! Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Music Monday! Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Sitting here on this chilly night, with snow on the ground from a 'mini' snowstorm that hit us today (so I had to go get son from school 2 1/2 hours early). 

This is before the 'big storm' we are anticipating tomorrow through Thursday.

We are passing the time watching the Olympics, feeling the chill more looking at the snow and ice, and keeping an eye on the scrolling school closings across the bottom of the screen.

As of now, they haven't closed school. But son is anxiously awaiting the news 'School Closed Tuesday.'

But the uncertainty is frustrating.
Click here to see and hear this awesome song.

Will he stay or will he go?

We will probably get a call at 6:13 am (the usual time the automated calling system gets to our number). 

So I will be up anyways. But he may get to sleep in. 
photo courtesy of volcanic

Maybe I will get to go back to bed...we will the meantime we can at least enjoy The Clash.

This indecision's bugging me.....