Music Monday: Sweet Talk - Dear and the Headlights

There are a million things I should be doing right now (studying for my finance test tomorrow, catching up on my internship work, eating 46 pizza rolls, etc), but let's have a Music Monday instead!

My love for Dear and the Headlights is no secret to anyone who knows me in person. If you've ridden in my car there's a 98% chance one of their songs was on. Since most of you haven't been chauffeured around by me (surprise, surprise) it's time you were educated.

This is Sweet Talk by Dear and the Headlights off their 2007 debut album Small Steps, Heavy Hooves. I'll never get enough of this song. I can honestly say that there are maybe (and I mean maybe) two or three DatH songs I don't absolutely adore out of everything they've ever put out. I know this is beyond cheesy, but their lyrics actually mean something to me. No matter what I'm going through in my life there's a Dear and the Headlights song that's applicable. So you can probably imagine how heartbroken I was when I read this. After dutifully waiting for their next album for three years I've finally been put out of my misery (and into a whole new category of anguish) with the news that they officially broke up this past July. Even if you're not a fan and you've never heard of them I recommend reading that note. It's tragic what can happen to a band when they can't be themselves anymore.

On a happier note, since breaking up they've released 30 demos spanning from 2005-2010 (including a demo version of Sweet Talk) that you can download for free here. Plus, their merch is on sale mega cheap so I snagged three shirts and a poster for less than $30 last week. I don't care that they're not making music together anymore, they'll always be one of my favorite bands. For your listening pleasure, here's the album version of Sweet Talk.

Just click on the download link and everything else is pretty
self-explanatory. Naturally these downloads are for preview purposes
only with no legal infringement intended. If you're a downloader and
you like what you hear, head on over to your favorite source of
downloads (might I suggest iTunes or Amazon?)
and support the artists by purchasing their music! If you are an
artist and object to your music being made available for download here,
please contact me and I'll remove it immediately.

I'm not going to bother posting their Twitter or anything since it obviously won't be updated anymore (and was rarely used before they broke up anyway), but if you're feeling the love you should go ahead and like their page on Facebook anyway. It's still relatively active thanks to in denial devastated fans like myself.

BRB, crying in a corner wishing this band was still together. /firstworldproblems.


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