Musical Interlude

(originally posted @ My Really, Real Reality)

There is something very joyful about sitting in a tiny, uncomfortable school auditorium and watching young people learning to play and developing an appreciation for music. 

I am not personally musically inclined.  I don't play any instrument.  I can't carry a tune in a bucket.  That's not to say that I don't enjoy music.  I do.  A lot.  I enjoy listening to music.  I also enjoy singing along.  Often.  Loud.  And badly.  Which is why I find it fascinating to hear my own children play their respective musical instruments. 

Last night was the Little Man's last orchestra concert as a middle schooler. And his first with the high school orchestra.

First the 8th Grade Orchestra played a couple of pieces.

Variations on a well-known Sea Chantey - Stephan

Then after the high school orchestra played a couple of songs, the 8th grade joined them for their first concert pieces with the high school orchestra!

Ancient Ritual - DelBorgo


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