Musing On Getting Over The Mommy Guilt & Making Time For Me!

weightsIn my last blog post, I mentioned I was trying to get my "rear and gear" and go back to the health club. I have been tracking the days that I go and what I do when I am there. So far, I have gone every day since my last blog post minus 3 days. I usually walk 2 miles quickly on the treadmill and then do weights as muscle burns more calories at rest than fat. I believe I read 1 pound of muscle burns 6.5 calories per an hour at rest compared to one pound of fat burns only 1.2 per an hour at rest. Therefore, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn.

I am not weighing myself. I do not want to be obsessed with the scale. I know from all my reading that muscle does weight more than fat. Therefore,
I am going by my clothing and how it fits. I also am using my Fitbit every day. I am getting at least 10,00 steps in every day.

I know there are other moms (and dads) like me out there - we have let our health slide because we are giving all are attention to our children, job, and/or significant other. We put others before ourselves. We are giving people, but sometimes, we are too giving.

So here is my suggestion to all other moms (and dads) out there who are struggling like me to lose the baby weight:

1. Carve out a little bit of time for yourself. Push yourself to think about yourself. Remember you will be a better person not only physically but mentally as well. This was and still continues to be really difficult for me. I had a lot of mommy guilt. I am getting over it each and every day.

2. Try on those clothes in your closet that don't fit. Yes, I know you are like me and have them hanging there just WAITING for the time you can wear them again. As you work out, keep pulling out that pair of jeans. See how they fit week after week. I have mine hanging in my closet so I can see them every single day. Those jeans cost me a lot of money when I bought them, and I think it is a waste of money that I can't wear them right now. NO WAY do I want to sell them on eBay!

3. Stay positive. This was really hard for me at the beginning. I would look at myself in the mirror at the gym and think "Who is this person? When did I turn into that?"  It was depressing and began negative thinking. But then I looked around the gym. I belong to a big place, so there are many shapes and sizes. I realized that I was being too hard on myself. So many woman were there that looked just like me - trying to do the same thing I was doing which was working on their health.

I am not an exercise expert, nor a brain expert, but I do know from everything I have read (articles, books, etc.) that exercise increases endorphins and those endorphins make us happy. I am feeling happier. I am noticing some slight changes in my physique. The jeans fit a bit better!

I didn't set out for this blog to be about exercise or getting healthy, but if my musings on this topic help anyone on this matter, it will make me happy :)!

My Next Post: Musing On Eating Right & Cheating Right!


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