The Musing Mommy On The Disney Planes Movie

Today I took my four year old son to the movie theater. This was his first trip to the BIG theater to see a movie. He absolutely loves the Disney Cars movies, and when he saw the commercial on TV for Planes, he was very excited. He was also excited to have movie theater popcorn!

What I didn't know (or I didn't look carefully enough when I bought the tickets) was that it was in 3D. I usually do not do well with 3D. So going in I was a little nervous. That said, it wasn't bad at all. The 3D makes the planes pop more off the screen. Nothing really flies right at you.

So here is the basic plot line: The main character, Dusty, is a little crop duster who wants to be a racer. Everyone puts him down. He tries out to compete in a race around the world. He surprises everyone and places 6th in the trial. He goes home feeling dejected, but then learns that the plane in 5th place did some "juicing" before the trial, so that plane is out and Dusty is now in the race. The movie follows Dusty's trials and tribulations in the race.

There are a few different themes. The first my son picked up on: Nice guys do finish first. The second is friends will always be there for you. The third major theme is bullies never win. The fourth is never abandon your dream - go for what you want and don't let others tell you that you can't do something you have your heart set on doing.

I think it is a good movie for kids. I like the storyline for the most part - good themes for little kids to take away. I think People magazine said it has heart, which it does. What I really enjoyed is how they have the planes travel across the world. Excellent for reinforcing geography that we have talked about at home. It's why I think I like Cars2  more than the first Cars.

That said, I think it is a great movie to go to and talk with your kids about after it. I wouldn't say the character development is amazing and the plot was magnificent - it is a kids' movie. My son and I had a nice time discussing all the themes. It also was a great mother/son bonding experience. He wants to go see it again, and he wants me to take him. I know that in about 8 years he will not want to hang with me, so I want to take advantage of every precious second I can get.

For all the parents out there: Ignore the reviews. Take them to see it and have fun discussing how Dusty never let anyone deter him of his dream, as well as the other themes. Just to reinforce to your child he/she can be whatever they want to be is reason enough to take them to see Disney's Planes.


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