Musings From the Laundry Pile: Remind Me That We're All the Same


What will my children think, I wonder, if I tell them “they” are wrong and we’re right and we need to stand up to all the others? Kids are simple thinkers. I’m right = I’m better. I don’t want their faith grounded in those weeds, so to speak.

My children will not have their faith stripped from them if I tell them we’re all the same. So I dig in the dirt and think about how I want my children to know love and grace by living it out with all people. It’s not a competition and it’s not political, it’s about a God Man of unconditional love, a bridge to grace. We’re all down here in the mud, digging around, finding our way. That’s what I was thinking while getting my clothes muddy for the nightly laundry routine, crawling around on my knees and weeding. I don’t want to bow to We’re Right, so I’ll never tell my children that this is our land and it’s founded on our beliefs and now the other side and the bad people are trying to change it and make it bad. That’s religion talking, not faith. It can be confusing, because it’s a lot like deciphering some weeds from some plants. The leaves look so much alike, but then when you take a good look at the vine, you can tell the difference.

I grabbed hard down close to the dirt and tugged for the roots of one of those big deceiving weeds. We had let it grow and grow because we thought it was supposed to be there, it looked so much like a good thing. At first it wouldn’t budge, so I got mad and I grunted and got some leverage and it then it ripped loose, exposing the spiky and spreading root that was trying so hard to stay underneath.

Yes, we vote. We care a lot about the issues of our day. There isn’t a convention or a church that could convince me how to vote though. I hope that’s true for my kids, too. I hope their vote comes from a place rooted in grace and listening, opportunity and education. I hope they are passionate about the stories of all people, honoring each one based on so much more than a one word label. Gay, Immigrant, Christian, Poor, Homeless, Jewish, Buddhist, Liberal, Republican ...

... struggling, triumphant, weary, angry, giddy, imperfect, beautiful,

... loved ... we’re all the same.

This land is your land.

Originally posted at Deeper Story.

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