Must-Have Beauty Tools

As a result of the cold winter, my skin has become very dry creating patches of stubborn acne. What tool can I use to hide these unwanted blemishes?
A concealer brush is a great way to apply concealer to specific problem areas of your face in order to mask redness and give the appearance of flawless skin. Read on for 7 more must-have beauty tools for everyday use.

Ah, beauty tools. The things that make it easier for us to put our faces on in the morning, and clean them off at night. As I looked at my beauty setup, I thought extremely hard about what I could and couldn’t live without. There are seven beauty tools that I just couldn’t imagine not using. Many of these are perfect for my no-makeup days as well. Here’s my list of go-to beauty tools.

1. Tweezers

Brows can sometimes get down right unruly. A good set of tweezers will not only grab a couple of hairs here and there, but you could give yourself an entirely new look. Some celebrities pay hundreds of dollars a month to keep their brows in top shape.

2. Powder Brush

No makeup brush is more luxurious than a thick, large powder brush. These are perfect for setting your foundation. They are perfect for loose or pressed powder, and really help keep the shine away. I’ve paid for several great powder brushes over the years. The one I wanted more than anything was $110--and in time, I realized that I would have been crazy to spend that much on one brush! There are plenty of great ones at all price points.

3. Eye Shadow Brush

There are dozens of variations of eye shadow brushes. Flat, fluffy, short, long, you name it. If you wear one color of eye shadow, I suggest a full dense eyeshadow brush. You can use this to put shadow all over the eye, or to place a darker color into your crease.

4. Crease Brush

When applying eyeshadow, I love the look of two shadows. I’m a simple girl, I love the look of a shade all over the lid, and a slightly darker one in the crease. Using an uber fluffy brush is the perfect way to add the color.

5. Liner Brush

This brush packs a powerful multi-purpose punch! You can not only line your upper and lower lashlines, but you can do your brows too.

6. Cotton Ball

I didn’t realize just how handy cotton balls were until I didn’t have them around. We have been using them to take off nail polish for years. They are absolutely perfect for toning the face and removing makeup. One of the best eye makeup removers on earth is extra virgin olive oil! Just place a bit on the cotton swab, then wipe. Voila.

7. Cotton Swab

Makeup artists carry these bad boys in their kits for a multitude of reasons. We’ve been accustomed to using these to clean our ears, but they are perfect for your beauty kit! Applied too much eyeliner? Wet your swab with makeup remover and try again. Want to soften that dark lower eyeliner? Grab a swab and lightly blend.

What are your cult favorite beauty tools? Tell me in the comments below. I’d love to add them to my arsenal!

Erin Bailey is Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Scandalous Beauty: "The Urban Beauty Blog"


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