Must Have Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

St. Patrick's Day

This year, St. Patrick’s Day falls on Monday, March 17 which means a long weekend. So, ultimately more of fun and enjoyment. And it’s almost around the corner, we all have started deciding on the decorations and crafts, dinner menus, guests and gifts. So personally, I was thinking let’s twitch some new traditions and really celebrate what this holiday is all about. In this post, I will share the must have recipe ideas that you can try for the dinner parties.

To begin with, let’s talk about what exactly is St. Patrick’s Day? Well, it is a day of celebrating St. Patrick death anniversary. It started long back in the 17th century when St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland and we celebrate St. Patrick's Day on March 17 of every year. On the St. Patrick’s Day everything goes green even their famous green beer which is exclusively served on this day. So, putting some hint of green in food is their tradition. The day is celebrated with Irish-inspired food like corned beef, shepherd’s pie and Irish soda bread etc.

The Irish holidays are about to begin and with a search of that four-leaf clover we should begin the list of recipe ideas too. I am going to share 4 different set of recipe ideas which represent this four-leaf clover as Hope, Faith, Love and Happiness.

HOPE – Hope is the beginning of a dream or reality, so I am representing hope as an appetizer or starter. So, what all we can serve in hope? Chips and Dips are the favorite one of all. Finger foods are easy to serve and guest can have them without any trouble. In dips you can serve like basil-avocado dip, spinach and artichoke dip, basil pesto, yogurt spinach dip, guacamole etc. which are naturally green in color. 

FAITH – Faith helps you to keep on going. So, under faith we can categorize our side dish recipes which helps us to make our menus complete and people to keep on indulging into the food. From the traditional tangy cabbage salad to colcannon. You can serve mashed potatoes, coleslaw, Irish soda bread, and cheesy scalloped potatoes etc. here I personally think although St. Patrick’s is about celebrating the Irish food but if you want to include some other recipes rather than Irish it won’t harm. Make your dinner special for your loved ones.

LOVE – Love indulging into the main course? Then Love is dedicated to Main course. Here, shepherd’s pie, corned beef, corned beef and Cabbage pizza, Grilled and Spicy Pork with slaw, Shrimp Alfredo (if you want), smoked salmon, Irish Stew etc. Main course is all about food which you can love or love to indulge with. Whether it is a one-meal dish or a dish which needs a side dish to complete it. Food is about loving it and making it for your loved ones.

HAPPINESS – Happiness is about desserts. Someone have said it rightly, desserts is a reverse of stressed which ultimately makes you happy. So, from the light colored desserts like sugar cookies, vanilla cups or cheesecakes. You can also make mint chocolate chip ice cream cake, brownies, lime-jell-O and Rum and Raisin rice pudding etc. Anyways desserts always makes you happy and cheerful.

So, are you interested in celebrating your St. Patrick in these 4 ways to experience the complete happiness and fun with your near dear ones? St. Patrick’s for adults is also about light lager and if you add a few drops of green food color into the lager than you can enjoy it with the festive mood even more. Serve nice green color juices and cocktails to keep the party going this St. Patrick’s Day.

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