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The Parenting Nominating Team

Bilingual in the Boonies - Carrie is a former newspaper reporter who gave up daily deadlines and overly caffeinated editors to launch a small business selling coolisimo Spanish T-shirts and, of course, to hang out a bit more with the fiercest boss she’s ever known: her own daughter, Maria. In the five years since she left the newsroom, she has launched a second T-shirt line called Chichi & Flaco, freelanced for publications such as, and has found herself doing public relations and online media consulting for small businesses. Never would have imagined it, but could not have better planned it.
She lives near Nashville, Tenn., far from the Cuban-American homeland that is Miami, so for Spanish comfort she looks online for Latina friends and locally, she stalks Latina moms at the park, grocery store and in Zumba class. She often dreams of pastelitos and old men in crisp guayaberas.
My Brown Baby - Denene Millner is a parenting and relationship expert who’s written or co-written 18 books exploring all manifestations of love -- between men and women, parents and children, siblings, and friends. She also pens a monthly column for Parenting as a member of the magazine’s Mom Squad of experts, who help women negotiate the ins and outs of motherhood.
When she isn’t penning her column or writing entertainment, relationship, and travel features for magazines like Essence, Odyssey Couleur, and Heart & Soul, she’s working on her blog, MyBrownBaby, where she provides thought-provoking, insightful, wickedly funny commentary on motherhood, for and by moms of color. Through her posts, Denene lifts the voices of African-American moms looking for the 411 / advice / a high-five on everything from pregnancy and childrearing to sex, work and relationships -- all filtered through the lens of the African American experience.
She’s also ridiculously obsessed with African American art and children’s books, and, in her next life, will be an interior designer with the astonishing ability to whip up drapes and fancy pillows. Denene lives in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, three children, and super cute goldendoodle, Teddy.
Erin Zammett Ruddy - Erin Zammett Ruddy is a seven-year survivor of chronic myelogenous leukemia and the author of the acclaimed book My So Called Normal Life, which was published by The Overlook Press in 2005. She has chronicled her battle with CML in the award-winning "Life with Cancer" column for Glamour Magazine, where she was an editor for eight years. Up until recently, she also wrote a daily blog on that gave hope, laughs and support to thousands of young adults with cancer.
Erin is a frequent guest speaker and sits on the board of directors for both the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's New York City chapter and Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation, founded by Denise Rich. She has raised tens of thousands of dollars for cancer research and has appeared on several television programs, including Nightline, The Today Show, Dateline and Good Morning America. The University of Tennessee graduate lives on Long Island with her husband and two children. She is a full-time freelance writer (her work has appeared in Glamour, Playboy, Modern Bride, Real Simple, Redbook, and Parenting). Her cancer remains in complete remission.
Evie at The Split - Evie is a writer who lives on the East Coast with her 4-year-old daughter. She’s been chronicling her life as a newly single, almost-divorced mom on for the last year.

Mighty Maggie - After years of sitting in offices reading blogs, Maggie Cheung became a stay-at-home mom to Jackson in May 2007. She admits her diaper-changing, playground-going, spoon-feeding lifestyle affords considerably less time for blog reading, but she infinitely prefers it to commutes and cubicles. Maggie is married to Phillip, The Devastatingly Handsome Chinese Man, and when they aren't coaxing the boy to eat his dinner, they are hunched over their respective laptops at the dining room table. Maggie strongly believes in the parenting philosophy known as Whatever Works, even if her personal website is all about detailing her many failings in this area. She hopes to do a better job of not freaking out with her second baby, a daughter, who arrived in September 2008.
Infertile Naomi - Infertile" Naomi is a want-to-be mommy, infertility warrior and blogger. She is currently trying to procreate through the help of fertility doctors, test tubes, IVF and a little bit of luck. Naomi is also the author of the rockin' infertile blog 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility and tries to bring hope and smiles to the infertility community.
Sasha Emmons (Show and Tell) - Sasha Emmons is a senior editor at and contributes to the staff blog, Show & Tell, where she writes about everything from recalls to viral videos to the ridiculous outfits her daughter wears. She has been working online since 1998, which makes her feel very old. Mom to Chloe, 5, and Julian, 1, she just barely manages to balance motherhood and a career. She is married to a very tall Canadian named Justin, and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

The BlogHer Nominating Panel

Catherine Connor is a mother, writer and recovering academic who traded the lecture hall for the playroom and discovered that university students and preschoolers have much the same attention span. She’s the author of the award-winning parenting blog, the co-founder and editor of, and a Contributing Editor at BlogHer. She likes maple syrup, a lot.
Devra Renner, MSW, Co-founder of Parentopia and an author of the award-winning book Mommy Guilt travels all across the globe and blogosphere on a mission to alleviate as much parental angst as possible. She routinely recommends singing "You Can't Always Get What You Want" as a way to tame grocery store tantrums and believes you, too, can use Mick Jagger as a parenting tool . Devra's unique blend of professional knowledge, practical parenting suggestions and engaging sense of humor is what you can expect to encounter when you visit her website or meet her in person.
Gina Carroll is an attorney, freelance writer and blogger whose articles on family life and parenting have appeared in print nationally and internationally, and online at and TorturedByTeenagers at Gina currently lives with her husband and five children in Houston, Texas.
A former attorney, Karen Walrond is a writer, photographer and the creative mind behind the award-winning blog, a site that helps readers see that their ordinary lives are, in fact, extraordinary. Her fine art images and photography projects have been included in exhibits around the country. A seasoned speaker, she has appeared on both local and national radio and television shows, including an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show. She is the author of the upcoming book, The Beauty of Different, to be published by Bright Sky Press, Fall 2010.
Melissa Ford is the author of the non-fiction book, Navigating the Land of If, a guide to infertility, and a forthcoming work of fiction, Life from Scratch published by BelleBooks in December 2010. Her personal blog is Stirrup Queens.

Mir Kamin is an award-winning writer who has blogged her way through divorce, career upheaval, remarriage, relocation, and the daily joys and frustrations of parenting. She is eternally grateful for the community of fellow over-sharers who blog alongside her and inspire her to be a better writer and mother. You can follow Mir at her personal blog, Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda, or join her in her quest to have it all with less over at Want Not.

Shannon LC Cate is a lesbian housewife and write-from-home mother via adoption. She has written for,, and elsewhere. Her personal blog is called Peter's Cross Station.

Shannon Des Roches Rosa is BlogHer's Contributing Editor on parenting kids with special needs. She is a California-based writer, geographer, geek, mom, autism activist and cheerful grump. Blogging at has kept her sane and connected since 2003.

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