A Style Mantra for 2011

Starting the year with style in mind is right up there with good health and increased energy.  In short, if you care about how you present yourself on the outside, then you will feel fantastic from the inside.

Here is my Style Mantra for the year ahead:

I will “shop” more often from my own wardrobe.  Even cheaper than eBay.

I will only buy a new garment if I really LOVE it.  After thinking about it overnight first.

I will only buy something new if I can pay for it with cash, not plastic.

I will flirt around the edges of current trends but nurture my long-standing commitment to classic pieces.

I will give up the possibility that gladiator sandals will look even remotely flattering on me and hope like hell they disappear off the fashion radar soon.  Ditto cut-off shorts and high-waisted pants.

I will exfoliate away any spray tan that has passed its used by date and is looking like a dodgy skin condition … instead of just covering it with long pants.

I will be more forgiving on myself and the shape genetics has handed me, working with it, not against, to dress comfortably, yet with enough structure to look dressed up.  This is possibly why I have embraced Mad Men with such gusto.

I will attempt to learn how to create a “smokey eye” makeup look that doesn’t just look like I’ve done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson.

I will find a new lip colour that makes a statement other than beige/nude/soft pink or a slick of gloss applied at the traffic lights.

I will invest my fashion budget on a statement necklace … or three. If I’m not investing in statement necklaces, I will channel said budget into statement earrings … or cocktail rings. Or shoes, or bags.  Get my drift?

I will honour my inner dag and give myself days off from “creating a look”.  In my job this may involve locking all the doors and not even stepping outside for the postie, but hey, it’s the price I’m willing to pay for the sake of dagdom.


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