My addiction to my fitness band

One of my favorite Christmas presents from my always generous husband was a new fitness band, the Jawbone UP. The band is a “holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle,” according to Jawbone.

There are many fitness bands on the market. You have most likely noticed many people wearing a band on their wrist, whether an UP or another popular band, such as the Fitbit Flex. Justin researched the various brands quite a bit before deciding on the UP band. The idea of a fitness band is to help the user track physical activity, sleep patterns, food and more. And as someone who is constantly trying to motivate myself to stay active and healthy, this UP band really helps me stay focused.

It’s become fun, interesting, and maybe a little addictive to track my workouts. The band also tracks my sleep patterns (I’m still trying to figure out how), showing how many hours of light versus deep sleep I get each night. You can track your food and moods via the app, although I never track  my food (too tedious). If you’re looking for motivation, you can form teams with other UP users. There is also an alarm and stopwatch feature, as well as a few other nifty features.

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