My Adopted Son Needs Help...and the State Doesn't Care

So  here I sit.

A son with a broken foot, in need of a some serious mental health intervention.

A mom with a broken heart, fighting a broken medical system, for her son.

{Edited to add: In December we switched our health insurance to a company in the Affordable Care Act. In recent years we have spent as much as  $30,000 per year on healthcare between premiums, deductibles and co-pays. Because of the switch, there is no “primary” and “secondary” insurance for Mordecai. Just Provider One through his adoption support. And I began the search for a mental health provider last September when we had private insurance, but was unable to get in due to long waiting lists. Seattle Children’s Hospital won’t treat him for mental health issues due to contracts lost when the Affordable Care Act went into affect.}


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