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I recently got sent a questionnaire/ quiz from one of my friends, you know those badly formatted long emails full of silly questions about your favorite color and childhood nickname? It was one of those, and because she listed me as "most likely to respond", I started filling it in.  One of the questions was about the most interesting places we had lived. At first, I was little embarrassed that I have only lived in Winnipeg -- my husband has lived in many places including England and Newfoundland. Instead of leaving the answer blank, I listed the apartments/house I have lived in. I'll be expanding on them here this week. First up: my first apartment.

Apartment #1 - Henderson House, Henderson Highway, Winnipeg, MB.

As soon as I landed my first full-time job, I rented my own apartment. It was on a busy street, close to a bus route and located at the end of my then boyfriend's parent's house. The rent was $438 and I made $9/hour at the theatre school. When I applied for the apartment, I lied about being related to my brother. My brother had lived there a few months previous, and on the eviction day he purposely left the bath tub faucet on.

Henderson apartment was a typical box apartment. The apartment, similar to the others I have lived in, gave me exactly what I needed at the time. It was tidy, didn't smell and was close to my family in case I needed them. I played a lot of Tetris Attack, smoked and ate badly.

I lived there for one year and grew frustrated with the long commute to downtown, I was spending over two hours a day traveling to and from work. I had also been to apartments downtown, character apartments with wood floors and rattling heaters, and I decided that was the place to be.

Come back tomorrow to hear about my first roommate and our apartment on Hargrave - we slept in parkas!

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