My Apple Trick Will Help You to Not Overeat at Thanksgiving

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I read about a different way to eat an apple on my friend's blog.  Soon after, The Atlantic also covered this idea of eating from the bottom up rather than around the side.  Doing so creates less waste.  According to their article, "we are all wasting 30 percent of our apples at $1.30 per pound, that's about $42 wasted per person per year—which is $13.2 billion annually, thrown in the trash."

So I had to try it.

I cut out the tiny flower at the bottom of the apple but kept on the stem.  When I cut out the flower (a chunk about the size of my pinky nail that I removed with a paring knife), it opened a hole in the core where I could see the seeds above.  I think started taking bites, noting that the core doesn't feel or taste any different from the rest of the apple when eating it from this direction.


Do you see that hole?  This apple is halfway gone, and I’m getting close to the seeds.  I kept eating until I reached the very top, leaving behind a chunk of apple the size of my thumb.  I probably could have eaten more.


So, yes, it actually works.  And I found that I got a lot less juice on my face eating it this way than when I try to work my way around the apple.

So why am I bringing this up now?  Because if you haven't eaten an apple this way, it is novel enough once you try it that you will want to eat more apples.  And eating an apple as you drive to Thanksgiving dinner will keep you from overeating once you're at the table. 

Yes, apples, that simple, inexpensive fruit, makes you feel full for longer due to its high fiber content.  It's not that the food on the table won't still be tempting, but your brain will be sending a signal to your stomach that it's not really in the mood to eat too much.  It will help you keep your portions in check.

So go enjoy an apple on the car ride over.  From the bottom up, of course.

Images by Melissa Ford

Melissa writes Stirrup Queens and Lost and Found. Her novel about blogging is Life from Scratch.


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