My Australian Friend's Daughter and Granddaughter Are Trapped in Egypt

Some things happen to other people. But imagine my surprise when I learned the Australian woman and her 4 year old daughter who are trapped in Cairo are my friends' family.  

The rather long and circuitous story of how  an Australian national, Amaal Finn and her daughter find themselves unable to leave Cairo is a  mother's nightmare.

There is a long version of this story.  But the short version is that Amaal Finn and her daughter Zareen went to Egypt to visit her husband's family.  While there her husband, whose name is Mazen Baioumy,  tricked her into signing a document in Arabic that was a travel ban barring her or her daugher from leaving Egypt; and NOT a request for Egyptian residency as she had been led to believe by her husband.

This entrapment began in August. My friend and her family in Australia are at their wit's end. Because they have not been able to get help from either the Australian or the Egyptian governments to resolve this.  It is clearly a case of deceit. Proof of that is the child's father, Mazen Baioumy who is an Australian national, has gone missing so as not to be pressured  by either government to lift the travel ban or to address the deceit involved. So the family was quite happy for the coverage today by

The network reported that "Amaal Finn's family is begging Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to intervene and [has] asked the Egyptian government to overturn the ban, so that the two can come home."

A petition has been created and the family is asking for you support.  Please sign the petition here and help bring Amaal and Zareen home to Australia.



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