My "Babblings" on Self-Publishing and Off-The-Wall Thoughts:)


This was the view from my porch this morning. What a beautiful day it is already turning out to be. The fact that Mississippi can be sweltering hot even this time of year makes the cool weather that we are having even more a joy and a relief from the extremely hot summer we have suffered.

It has been a busy week here. In between writing, I have spent the majority of my time doing data entry, creating a book trailer, advertising, and creating a flyer for Redemption. And in between this, I have steadily gulped down cup after cup of coffee made by the coffee pot I have affectionately dubbed "wake up Wanda." What an experience self-publishing has turned out to be!

I have never considered myself an entrepeneur so it has been a pleasant surprise discovering that I actually enjoy most of the marketing process. Making the movie trailer, for example, was a lot of fun. It moves a little fast, and I couldn't get the song I really wanted as the background music to import. But I was really pleased with the final product nonetheless.

For those who like this kind of thing, the song I related to this book the most is Monster by Paramour. I heard it for the first time about a month ago, and I immediately downloaded it onto my "book" playlist. I love to listen to music while I write. It gives the book a whole "movie" kind of quality. I can picture the characters better. Music also adds a whole new emotional level to writing the same way it does to a certain scene in a movie.

But . . .I'm babbling:). I'm excited to announce that the book will also be available in print soon from Amazon. The price is higher than the kindle and nook versions, but it will now be available to anyone who doesn't have a kindle or nook, or to anyone who doesn't have a way to download the free kindle and nook apps.

Now . . .aside from the book, I have a long day ahead--a hair appointment and an art lesson this afternoon for my oldest daughter. I'm excited about this lesson because it's being held at a fairly new little coffee shop here in town. And everyone knows how I feel about coffee:)

I was going through my email this morning, and I noticed a particular one from Circle of Moms, an app I subscribe to off Facebook, and the question I saw on the email captivated me.

"What age do you believe is appropriate for girls to start wearing thong underwear?" Hmmmm . . .this question scares me.


Because I have three daughters, and I will actually have to consider this eventually. *shudder*

Sad thing is, I have never actually liked thong underwear myself (It feels like a constant wedgie to me), but I'm sure my girls will have a different opinion. I'm already seeing the affects of pre-adolescence in my 8-year-old. She speaks constantly in slang: "OMG, mom!" or "That is just cool beans." And she is fascinated by fashion. The more color the better. She put on an oversized t-shirt the other day, and pushed one side of the neck off her shoulder like the women do on the covers of such magazines as Alloy and Body Central (thankfully, we stayed around the house that day, and I didn't have to force her to change. lol.).

I actually love the off-the-shoulder dolmans and sweatshirts from those magazines so it probably doesn't help that I tend to wear them over tank tops. Hence, the copy cat wearing of such tees from my daughter.

But, alas, I swerve once more off subject. How old is old enough for thong underwear?

My husband says thirty. lol. I am not quite so restrictive on the thought, but I still hope my daughters don't discover the existence of this type of underwear for quite a long time. Hell, I already dread the idea of bra shopping!

Well, the day has begun, and my time on the computer is running out so I will say "ta-ta" for now. Hugs to all!

R.K. Ryals


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