My Baby Wants to Start Shaving


Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My tween (age 9) wants to get rid of the hair on her legs! She is so young but it really bothers her. She has seen me shave but that's about it so I don't know why she is so focused on this. She says no one is making fun of her at school. What should I do? Let her do it? And what are my options for hair removal for such a young girl? Need help.


How Can My Baby Be Shaving?


Shaving Legs
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Being a parent is so weird. One day you're changing their diapers and the next, they're ready to shave their legs. It's enough to make a mother wonder where the time has gone and whether her baby is all grown up.

There is no set age that girls start shaving their legs- but from my informal observation, it is a whole lot earlier than when I was a kid. So while your daughter is on the young side, she certainly isn't breaking any world records in that arena. She may want to shave because she has seen you shave and associates it with adulthood, in which case it really is no more harmful than trying on a pair of your shoes or playing with your make up. She may want to shave because of the near constant media images focusing on smooth, hairless skin. If she has darker hair on her legs, she may want to shave because she does not like it.

I know that this is the part where I am supposed to tell you to find out what she does not like about it- does she find it unattractive, is she uncomfortable with the beginning stages of puberty or something else. But I believe that sometimes leg hair is just leg hair and sometimes it is easier to shave it off.

It's great that no one is making fun of her at school- but I would talk to her about shaving being a personal choice. Some girls in her class may already be shaving and others may not for many years, if ever. Neither is right or wrong.

I believe that of all the hair removal options- laser, waxing, creams that make the hair magically disappear, shaving is the least invasive and the least expensive.

Talk to her about shaving safety. Pick a razor and a shaving cream or gel together and explain to her that she should never share her razor with anyone or use theirs. I would recommend limiting her shaving to below the knee.

It may be that after she shaves a few times, she'll grow bored with it. Or she may not. In any event what's important is that your daughter came to you with this issue and that you will be able to guide her through it.

Good luck,

Marinka, TMH


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