My Beltane Baby is Seven

Happy Birthday Stitch!

My May Day gift is a gift that keeps on giving me joy, y’all. Her latest thing has been the obsession with normalcy. For example, she’ll ask:

“I have pain in my tummy when I have gas. Is that normal?”

“My nose is cold. Is that normal?”

“Sometimes my farts don’t smell like anything. Is that normal?”

If you can imagine a small girl with big blue eyes and a pixie haircut asking these questions in profound earnestness, you can see why Sweet Babou and I have a hard time keeping the straight face required to answer her.

Stitch still speaks with a slight lisp – or as she would say, “a swight wisp”. She has recently lost her two top front teeth. When she lost the second one at school she came home and eagerly asked her Daddy, “ Can you shee anyshing diffwent about me?” with her tongue actually coming out of the gap in her teeth on occasion while she spoke. Yes. He did see something different fairly easily.

That child makes us all kinds of happy.

Her birthday party is on May 4th, and she wants it to be Star Wars themed because “May the forth be with you”. She asked for a cake of Han Solo frozen in carbonite. Her godmother found a mold to produce chocolate bars of Han Solo frozen in carbonite:

han solo in chocolate

She is going to recess it into a cake.  I also got cupcakes – one Darth Vader and 11 Stormtroopers – to stand around the cake. Epic. It will be epic

I will be sure to take ALL the pictures.


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