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I find that accessorizing an outfit is just as important-if not more- as the pants, dress or top that provide the foundation for your look.  Sometimes, even if I'm just wearing my juicy sweats or plain, black leggings, I will throw a brightly colored scarf around my neck, or grab one of my fabulous, fancy bags just to go to Target.  Actually utilizing your accessories can give you that little push to make you feel that much more stylish, even if you're not totally thrilled with the outfit you've put together.


While much of the list of my favorite, go-to accessories is comprised of scarves, great bags, cheap jewelry (that doesn't look cheap) and faux fur, several of my faves are not conventional fashion. Below is a short list of the both:


1. Kombucha: A raw food which is thought to bolster energy, boost immunity and enlighten the body, all around. I drink one everyday, even take it out at restaurants or events. This is one chic and healthy beverage!

2. Brightly colored, soft scarves: The right scarf can totally punctuate an otherwise boring outfit.       -When shopping for a scarf, look for one that's soft to the touch, since it'll be touching the sensitive skin around your neck all day. 

-Also look for colors that work well with your skin tone, as again, it's what is closest to your face.

-Look for zigzag or animal print patterns that can be incorporated with a variety colors and outfits.

-Finally, pick up a few Spring/Summer weight scarves made from cotton or linen. They always come in handy in the evening and add a textured layer to the lightweight fabrics of summer!

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3. MY DOG!!:  One of my BEST accessories is my Mastiff, Lily. I cherish the time I spend with my dog. Taking her on our daily walk, we always get lots of attention since she is bigger than me! I've found the fresh air and exercise isn't just healthy for her, but for me as well. The way she steadily watches me from her bed while I get ready to go out is irreplaceable. Even when she's not with me, her fur is, so I've invested in a life-time supply of travel-size lint rollers that I keep in my bag.  For those of you who have pets, you know that the unconditional love and often goofy antics of your furry buddy provide another BEST accessory- a SMILE :)

4. Faux fur: While we're on the topic of fur, another one of my favorite accessories is faux fur vests, linings and jackets. With the resurgence of the 70's disco trend in fashion, there's been a ton of faux fur out there, ranging in price and magnitude.  Forever 21 does a great job if you're looking for something cheap, especially in the vest department.  The faux fur cropped jacket must be accessorized with care as I've found that most are totally overpowering.  H & M and Forever 21 also have a good selection, without breaking the bank.

xoxo, wews

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