8 Sites I Can't Live Without

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This post is for my fellow bloggers—especially those who may be newer to blogging and still figuring it all out. I have only been blogging for about five or six months, and since it took me quite a while to figure out which blogging sites held the most benefit for me as far as getting great daily information or sharing my content, I thought I would share my "daily eight" with others plus get a conversation going about your favorite sites that I may have missed.


Daily 1Image: Pecked to Death by Chickens

Here is a quick list of what I look for in a blog hangout:

Shareability: I want to be able to share my post links, or even better, a full post or teaser that links back to my website. The more visibility the better so I can take advantage of another site's audience to further my own cause... bwa ha ha...

Readability: I want to be able to read awesome work from other bloggers to inspire me, preferably organized by category.

Linkability: I want to find opportunities on social media to share my posts and get new followers to both my site and my social media outlets. I also want link-ups that are creative and have specific rules so I can participate and find awesome new blogs to follow.

Loveability: Finally, I am a sucker for some blog love. If you have opportunities for me to be featured, I am there. This feeds my attention-seeking behavior (ASB) and that's always a good thing! ... Or is it?

So here are my favorites in no particular order. I visit most of these daily and follow all of them on social media. I am sharing which posts I have had featured on each, not because I am bragging (well, maybe a little), but to give you an idea of what types of posts I have had success with for each site.


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