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When I got serious about blogging a few months ago, I was trying to find some great, funny, female bloggers to cyber stalk and came across Kathy Radigan who blogs at My Dishwasher's Possessed. As I was stalking her "about" page, I saw that she had co-founded Bonbon Break and quickly headed over to check it out.

Bonbon Break is really unique because they split up their content by room. Recipe posts can be found in the Kitchen, parenting posts in the Family Room, relationship and personal stories in the Bedroom and so on. You can hang out in the place that best fits your mood. Each 'room' has an editor who is also a blogger. You can submit your existing posts to the appropriate 'room' on their Submissions Page, and once you have been published/featured by Bonbon Break once, you can start submitting original post ideas for consideration.

I believe they have a 6 or 8 week minimum between featuring posts from the same author now, but I have had 2 posts featured (out of 19 submissions) to date and love the platform because they will have a teaser on their site and then send readers right to your website to read the rest of the post instead of keeping them captive on their site. My 2 featured posts on Bonbon Break have been: 3 Unusual Places Mom Can Take a Breather (Family Room) and "Mommmmmeeee!!!": 5 Ways To Shut Down Nighttime Call Outs (Bedroom).

Bonbon Break also does some awesome podcasts and runs some great link-ups on Facebook (be sure to join their Bonbon Break Chat group on Facebook as well) and Google+, so be sure to follow them!

If you are looking for some great new blogs to follow, check out their "about" page to see bios for the editors of each room. I follow most of their blogs too - there are some awesome ones! I am already imaginary friends in my head with Ellie (Family Room Editor) of Musing Momma and Rebecca (Bedroom Editor) of Frugalista Blog as well as Editor in Chief, Val Curtis. I'm thinking about begging them to add a Garage or maybe a Butler's Pantry and letting me be the editor.


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