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The tagline for Project Underblog is "small and mighty." I often scan the sidebars of my favorite blogs to see where they have been published so that I can try to copy cat. I saw this site in the fabulous side bar of Stephanie Sprenger over at Mommy, for Real. (She gives good sidebar!) Anyway, as an S-Spreng wannabe, I quickly checked them out and loved what I found!

If you are sick of social media, tribes and site stats, come over to this site for a minute and take a breather (then go join a Twitter party ASAP because your stats blow). Luxuriate here for a minute though.

Don't miss their Friday Favorites where they include links for five of their favorite posts from the week. I love when someone else handpicks good stuff for me to read, and they rock at this. Comment on your favorites and then leave a link for your own post in the comments for that week's favs. Once again, small and intimate and I love it! If you want to submit something for Project Underblog to consider publishing on their blog, you can read the guidelines here. I am excited to be featured on Project Underblog coming up on April 23rd -- woohoo!


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