My Blog Changed My Life—For Good

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For so many of us, sitting down and putting our thoughts Out There on the internet in our blogs is what started the glorious process of finding our way back to ourselves. For others, it's been reading about other women's journeys. Many of the commenters on the launch post for BlogHerMoms said as much, and it's one of the main reasons BlogHerMoms has come to be. All of us need encouragement, an audience, a purpose, and yes, some applause, sometimes. And our blogs can give that to us. Read what Jules from A Little Bite of Life had to say about what her blog has brought back to her. It's an inspiring post, a reminder of the power of community and connection to help us all keep reaching for the best we can be, as a mother and as a person—because, of course, the two are forever linked.

My Blog Changed My Life

Three times in the last two weeks, someone has told me they are proud of me for starting, and sticking with, my blog. You have no idea how much this means to me, as I have often wrestled with the demons inside my head, who tell me I am never good enough. When I tell you that this blog changed my life, I am not being coy or overly dramatic. I am being brutally honest. It took every ounce of courage for me to start A Little Bite of Life. This blog is me, warts and all, and it was very scary to put myself "out there" for the whole world to see. The person I am today, because of this blog, is not the person I was three years ago. Ten years ago. Twenty years ago.

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