My Blog Commentary on the movie "Divergent" is Up!

T&T Synopsis:  Like most stories set in the not too distant future, the aftermath of a terrible war precipitated the need to form a new society (and who knows with the whole Putin/Crimea annexed thing, this future may not be too far off). This new society living behind a wall, which we know not what lay on the other side, decided it best to divide people up into 5 categories or Factions:

  • Government - Abnegation  = the act or an instance of denying oneself  
  •  The Law - Candor = the state or quality of being frank 
  •  Hippy Farmers - Amity = friendship; cordiality 
  •  Military/Police - Dauntless = fearless; intrepid
  • Scientists & Geeks -  Erudite = learned; scholarly

Enough time has passed since establishing these Factions that this is at least the second generation to have been born into this system; however, you can choose a different Faction then that you were born into, once you come of age.  There's a serum administered to each young adult to determine their personality and where they best fit in, sorta like an evasive Myers Briggs test. After which, at the Choosing Ceremony you can do 1 of 3 things: Pick the Faction you grew up in and stay with your family and friends. Pick what your test revealed. Or just choose freely of your own mind.  But here's where I totally had a problem with the story...READ MORE


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