My Blog Commentary on the Movie HER is Up!

The film's main character is Theodore Twombly, he's like a really dorky version of Tom Selleck, but played by Joaquin Phoenix, however, for the life of me, I can't see Joaquin inside this guy's face; I mean it's more than a simple trick of glasses, hairstyle and a mustache, he truly looks and feels different.  Anyway, the movie takes place in a not too distant future, but the exact date is never given.  It's a time when the now, nearly lost art of letter writing gets revived, but not by people going back to putting ink to paper and sealing it with a kiss, rather you can hire someone - Theodore - to write a letter for you based on your profile and the person you wish to correspond with; only it's never actually hand written, the computer creates a script font from the "letter writers" words spoken into a dictaphone.  It's all very personalized and impersonal at the same time...READ MORE



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