My Blog Has Gone International

I started my personal blog in January and joined Blogher a week and a half ago.  All that time and effort has finally paid off.  Thanks to one Canadian reader, I can now say my personal blog is international.  (Sarcasm aside, I am really excited about it.)

I know about my Canadian viewer because I signed up for Google Analytics.  A free tool that tracks statistics for my blog, like how many visitors I had, how long they stayed on my site, and my bounce rate (whatever that is).  I really don't understand most of the information I get, nor do I really care about most of it.  However, I love seeing how many people visit my site every day and where they live.

I wake up every morning, and run to my computer like a kid at Christmas to look at my stats for the previous day.  I also look periodically throughout the day, even though it only updates once a day.  I like to look at the map overlay and see all the cities that have viewed my site.  It's very big brother-ish and I love it!

Since I started tracking on Saturday, I have had 15 visitors!  And, I only know four of them! And yesterday, someone from Canada visited my site.  It's a start, anyway.

Now I'm just waiting for my first commenter and my first follower who is not my husband.  I feel like a first time mom waiting for  her baby's first steps.

Does anyone else use these tracking tools?  Anyone else obsessed with them like me?


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