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Hello fellow crafters and homemakers.  I’ve been trying out blogging off and on for years but I think I may have finally come up with a recipe for success.  The problem has always been that I thought it either had to be about knitting or paper crafts or gardening or recipes or life or whatever.  Now from reading all of the blogs out there I think I can finally give up trying to give my blog a single identity and let it just be about all of the things I love.

So, without further ado……………..away we go

Trinity Church Reflected in the Windows of the John Hancock Tower

Today seems like a pretty depressing day to start my blog with all of the things that went on in Boston today.  I had friends that were there either at the marathon or the Red Sox game or they live or go to school there.  thankfully all are safe from my neck of the woods by my heart goes out to the families of the dead and injured.  It also freaks me out that 10 days ago I was standing across the street from where the bombs went off laughing with my oldest daughter and having a great day in the city.  Amazing how things can change in an instant.  I just stopped watching the news coverage because I’ve had it on for a few hours and it’s time to take a break and regroup.

But, to go back to the day I spent in Boson, it was wonderful.  My oldest is moving to Germany for a year to be an Au Pair so she and I went to the Goethe-Institut to take her German exam for getting her visa.


We wandered all day until it just got to chilly and headed back to the car to drive home.  I had my first Falafel and we shopped a little bit.  All in all a great day in the city for two girls.

Well, I think that’s enough for my first post.  Hopefully I don’t bore my readers to tears.  Actually I hope to have some readers.  We shall have to see. Disappointed smile

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