my blue period

It was too nice outside to wear my dark winter coat. Spring had finally arrived, and I was ready to ditch the heavy parka. A glance in the closet revealed no season-appropriate alternatives suitable for work, so I left the house wearing a black sweater.

It began to rain.

My gray umbrella helped, but I still had goose bumps as I dodged raindrops on my way into the office. Happy for an excuse to get away from my desk, I drove to the Goodwill Store during my lunch break. My mission: find a raincoat.

I had my fingers crossed that there would be something in my size. At least I could try on any raincoats I might find.  Clothes shopping is challenging enough, but I avoid thrift stores since there are no fitting rooms. I’m not confident that untested secondhand items will suit me. I’m petite in height but not girth.  I'm low- waisted and big-busted. My proportions make it hard for me to find clothes that fit . I like my attire to be plain and simple with the ability to hide all of my body's faults. Above all, I embrace neutral colors. Baby may got back, but I don't want you to notice.

The coats were on the wall to the left of the entrance. The sign above the rack announced good news:

Red dot = $5.00
Blue dot = $3.00

Surely I can find something in my size for $5.00, I thought. Money was as tight as my clothes, so I scanned the tags. I was hoping that a well-to-do woman with a heart of gold and a preference for tan had donated her seldom worn size "ample" raincoat. I don’t like drawing attention to myself with my clothes. Or with anything else for that matter.

I skipped the robin egg blue raincoat. Definitely not my style. Of course, the bright item hanging in the sea of brown, gray and black outerwear was the only actual raincoat on the rack. Why couldn't this be a nice, navy blue? I lamented.

I checked the tag: my size. I set my brown purse on the floor and tried it on. It was comfortable, not too snug in the shoulders and not too tight across my chest. It had a spacious hood and large pockets. There were five firmly attached buttons. It was a perfect fit.

Except for the color.

I looked out the front windows. The rain was still coming down. Walmart was a short drive away, but I knew even their “Always Low Prices” couldn’t compare to the deal I had in front of me.

I bought the coat.

As the cashier handed me my receipt, I asked if she could take off the price tag. “I’m going to wear it out of the store,” I explained. She complied with little interest or enthusiasm. I thanked her and slipped on the raincoat so I would stay dry.

I was almost to my car when I passed another shopper headed to the store.

“Great color!” she called.

I didn't melt into a puddle when she noticed me. In fact, I probably smiled as bright as the sun hiding behind the clouds.

Originally posted at that cynking feeling for the yeah write #158 weekly writing challenge.


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