To My Body


My hips are wide.  My thighs are strong.  I can kick the shit out of you. 

I'm ferocious.

I love being naked.  I love the hills of my body.  I love sunshine on my belly. 

I’m delicious.

My arms are strong.  My eyes are alert.    

I’m a lioness.

My hair is tied back.  My sleeves are pushed up.  My pants are cinched tight. 

I’m ready.

I love a soft touch.  I love a rough bite.  I love to watch my body move. 

I’m a lover.

The rain won’t melt me.  The snow won’t freeze me.  I can take the heat. 

I’m weather resistant.

I cover my face in sobs.  I spin with anxiety. I double over with laughter. 

I’m a feeler.

I smell like sweat.  I smell like baking bread.  I smell like babies.

I'm a mother.

You can’t make me feel anything.  You can’t make me do anything. 

I’m in charge.

I eat what I want.  I move as much as I can.  I play.  I run.  I dance. 

I’m healthy.

I feel the weight of my soul in the swing of my hips when I walk. 

I’m a force.

I’ve roamed the world looking.  I’ve tried to escape. 

I’m at home in my body.



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