My body maybe limited but my words make me limitless !

I'm thirty quickly approaching thirty-one.
I was born with spastic deplegia cerebral palsy,
And I can't walk on my own I use a walker at home,
a wheelchair when out and about.

So over the years I have found,
My body has all these limitations.
Leaving me on the sidelines to watch life go by.
Not by my choice but the choice of those around me.

When I turned eighteen I pushed for my own indepence,
Because though my body has its weaknesses,
My mind is as sharp as a two edged sword!
In fact I learned read upside down first,
Just trying to figure out what people,
Were writing on their paperwork about me :-)

Anyhow I knew I wanted to make a difference some how.
Writting is the venue of my choice,
Because words have no limitations only power!
I may not be able to control my body,
But I'm the master of my words!

I'm not a literary scholar and use my words as I choose.
I strive for human connection not punctuation perfection.
Believe in yourself everyone has a story to tell,
And your story can help change lives!

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