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Back when I was looking for a traditional publisher for my memoir, I spent hours surfing the net, trying to find articles/videos by authors who were sharing their journeys through the  publishing process. I wanted to understand what was involved in the process (if/when I ever got a book deal) and I was hanging on tight to my hope.

Surprisingly, my search results came up very short.  Most articles were focused on the traditional verses self-publishing debate, or how to get an agent.  I also discovered that most big name authors don't share any details of their journeys.

secret sex life of a single mom Delaine Moore Thus today, I'm inviting you into the process with me.  It's a couple of years later and my memoir, "The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom (Seal Press)" , is 'almost' on bookshelves in Canada and the United States - we're at the 'pre-order' stage.(smile)

About 18 months ago, I posted a video on here where I'm actually signing my book contract (warning: I look like h*** in this video!).  But many of you might be curious about what came after: the editorial process, book cover design, publicity opportunities, etc.

So watch, enjoy, maybe learn a thing or two - and may it be a source of inspiration to you if you're in the same shoes I was back then.  Please feel free to post any questions - there was too much to cover in one short video! Here's the Youtube link in case I'm technically challenged:

Delaine Moore

I Am Divorced Not Dead



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