My breastfeeding journey.

Breastfeeding for us was a no brainer. As long as I had the ability to do so I had my heart set on doing it before Pooder was ever concived. Now that she's been here and we've 3 months to get in the flow of things I think, as a new mom, I have some insights. Breastfeeding is not always easy. When I first though of doing so I had the idea that she would pop out and just latch on and do her baby thing that would just be instinct and we'd be free to go about. Then when Pooder made her precense known by chasing off Auntie Flo and putting two lines on both pregnancy test and turning the Dr. test as pink as could be, I really began my research. You can insert the sound of tires squealing to a stop and the smell of burnt rubber. Turns out there was a small voice of women who admited this whole deal wasn't as easy as 1,2,3. For some yes it is really that simple, but for more than one would think it's not. I turned out to be one of those women. I had my beautiful baby and we were having skin to skin. I was waiting for her to show me that she was hungry. And waiting. And waiting. The supposed magic hour had passed and she wasn't even interested in my breasts. To her at the moment they were just warm pillows for her face to lay against. When she finally heard the call of her empty tummy she had no clue what to do with my nipple. Open mouth. Insert boob right? Incorrect but thank you for playing! On top of her not knowing what to do on her own I had slightly inverted and smaller sized nipples and areolas. The odds were just piling against me. It was magic when she was finally able to latch on with the help of my aunt. When the nurse came in to check on the two of us we were told how I had the perfect latch and we were rockstars. Several nurses were telling us that actually. Sadly they were wrong. My baby refused to latch on to the left side despite all the help and encouragement of the nurses and myself. After trying several times I was finally just brought a breast pump and had to pump for my baby. She was syringe fed for that 2nd feed. I was still having trouble with her latching to the left side and was brought a nipple sheild, I was not properly instructed on how to use it but wasn't aware till later. Despite that she finally did take that side. Afterwards though she wouldn't latch at all with the nipple sheild. About our 2nd day in the hospital after Pooder had made her grand enterance I was in need of nipple cream. I had not cracked or anything yet but boy were my boobs getting tender. Now fast forward about 2-3 more days. It was my first day home and now my boobs are a bloody scabbed over mess. My poor poor tore up nipples. I was in so much pain nursing my baby and I was so sure that she was getting more blood than milk. My mom bought me a breast pump and brought it to the house so my boobs could have a break from a latch that I later learned was less than perfect. Just to make sure the pump worked we put it together, plugged it in, and cranked it up.  Is there suction? Yup. Pulled off the breast pump and there was ssssoooooo much blood all of a sudden running down my boob, all over my side, all over my pj pants and runnning off onto the chair.  After I recovered from my horror I was resigned I was going to have to formula feed and I had a good ugly cry for about an hour. The next day was Pooder's first appointment with the pediatriation. When I explained what was going on she immeadiatly got me set up with the lactation consultant. I was able to see her that day right after Pooder's appointment. She was my boobs saving grace.  We worked out latch. Turned out Pooder wasn't taking in enough breast tissue since I had smaller nipples. She gave tons of advise on nursing positions and how to boost supply. She gave me a bunch of print outs. I was even offered help on getting a breast pump if I didn't have one or didn't have success with the one I had.  We also discovered that my milk had not yet come in. I was still making just colostrum and that was getting to not be enough for Pooder. The lactation consultant helped me with that as well. She gave me some samples of nipple cream to take home. That cream ended up being my best friend for the next two weeks. Thanks to this wonderful woman and her help and a lot patience and practice, we finally got our breastfeeding relationship worked out. I love nursing my baby. My baby loves to nurse. We are 3 months breastfeeding and going strong and neither plan on giving it up any time soon. I have given my baby the best start I can. Sure I still have production issues from time to time and yes my baby gets formula every once in awhile but 99% of her diet is free and comes from me. Our journey has not been smooth sailing but we are fighting. Every feed, every ounce pumped, every full tummy, and milk drunk smile is a victory.   


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