My Buddy Keeps Me Motivated

The best way of staying motivated is actually accomplishing some goals.  When you start to accomplish your short-term goals, it's like you get the ball rolling in a positive direction and you know that you can do it.  Make your goals attainable and realistic.  Don't tell yourself that I am going to lose 10 pounds this week and I am going to start to exercise 2 hours everyday.  Obviously you shouldn't lose 10 pounds in one week and if you haven't been exercising regularly and start with 2 hours you could injure yourself.  I guarantee that you will be very sore.  But also don't make your goals too easy either.  Pace yourself gradually increasing your intensity and committment.  Learn to appreciate the progress of small steps to make it towards reaching the top. Notice how you feel as the changes take over.  Empower yourself with positive thoughts.  Trust and believe in your abilities because you are more resilient than you think.  Make your committment and stick to it.  Okay so you start strong and you have the desire to change but it is much easier to get motivated than to stay motivated.  This is where your buddy or buddies come in.

A buddy is there for support and encouragement and helps you focus on your goals.  You and your buddy must hold each other accountable for reaching the goals. Make each other accountable for exercise, healthy eating, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water and anything else that you put in your plan.   It helps when you have someone who is striving towards some of the same goals and make sure that your buddy has a positive attitude.  You want someone who says "I can and I will".  A positive attitude is unstoppable.  You and your buddy should want to work hard for what you want and inspire each other along the way. 

Here are some tips for you and your buddy to get you started:

  • Don't resist the change-embrace it for what it is going to do for your health and life.
  • Keep a diary of everything you eat and drink and how much.
  • Set specific times for exercise (together and individually) and stick to it. 
  • Set up time for meetings.  This is a time you can weigh in, swap healthy recipes, share ideas, set new goals, etc.
  • Find your obstacles as challenges that you will overcome and adapt to.
  • Acknowledge your achievements and set rewards for reaching your goals.
  • Declutter and organize your life so you can concentrate more on your goals.
  • If you mess up, learn to forgive yourself and just get back on track.
  • Once you get started and keep going it will get easier.  Just find your routine.
  • Old habits are hard to break so replace them with new healthier habits.  Don't revert back to your old patterns.  Stay focused and persistent.
  • Ask your buddy for help when you need it.  That's what they are there for.
  • Find a way to reach your goals that give you pleasure and bring you happiness.
  • Enjoy what you are doing.  If it is something you don't enjoy (like exercise) find a way to make it enjoyable by taking a different approach.  You know if plan A doesn't work out then go to plan B and C and so on.
  • Don't come up with excuses, only solutions to the problems.
  • Keep a visual reminder of your goals and how you are going to feel when accomplished.
  • Your healthier habits will turn into a healthy lifestyle.  Take it step by step and day by day.
  • Find activities that energize you.  Try something new that you've never done before.
  • Don't worry that you have failed in the past, your buddy won't let you fail this time.
  • Focus on how much better you feel than just on how much you weigh.
  • Don't let anyone (family or friends) discourage you.  Don't let a bad mood, illness or anything else in your life stop you - don't make them or anything an excuse.
  • Learn to say positive things about the process like:  I love to exercise, I love to cook and eat fresh foods, I love to be happy,  I love that I am so healthy, I love to wake up in the morning, I love myself and how I feel, etc.
  • Ask yourself "why am I doing this?"  I want more energy, I want to take care of my family, I want to live healthy, I want to live a more fulfilled life, etc.  Write the answer down in your diary and refer to it when you feel defeated or discouraged.
  • Never say 'I can't" only say and think "I can".
  • Keep going until you succeed.

Ask yourself what will happen if I don't achieve my goals?  What will the consequences be?  If year after year nothing changes and you do nothing to make changes then in the future, year after year it will be more of the same.  Are you going to let that happen?

Know that you have within you what it takes to make the accomplishments.  Have short-term goals, as well as, long-term goals. We are the ones who sabotage our goals no one is stopping us but us.  Working hard is self gratifying.  Learn to enjoy the journey not just the goal.  When no one else believes in you, then you believe in yourself and finish what you start.



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