My clever Mum and the magic of home made crafts

Bunny Blanket



Here is a photo of the blanket my Mother crocheted for one of the women at work who is leaving to have a baby.  Isn't it just gorgeous?

My Mum is so clever, she knits, crochets, made all our clothes when we were younger, cooks amazing meals and is a mean hand with accounts and spreadsheets. 

I think the ability to create something like this is amazement.  I don't have the right kind of brain, patience or dexterity. 

I know if I had been a Mother back in the sixties, my kids would have been the ones wearing the funny looking home made clothes.  There is a real skill and art to doing this kind of work, and I think it has always been a bit under appreciated because women did it.  Which is a real pity.

I am sure Sylvia at work will treasure the blanket, and now I have to break the good news to Mum she has got 3 more orders. 

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