My Clumsy Ginger

Owen…my youngest child.  My giant boy.  My snuggler.  My singing partner…………………….

Is super duper clumsy.

Incident 1: A couple of weeks ago:  he spilled an entire container of milk…all over himself.  Reaching ACROSS the table for something.  Pouring the whole thing…everywhere. I was in NYC on business, I get the call from the principal: “Mrs. Laflin, Owen has had an incident and needs more clothing.  We don’t have anything in the lost and found that would fit (shocking?  no).  And…well, no underwear that would work either…could you call?” I flip OUT….I can hear Owen, “Mrs. Principal, there ain’t no WAY I’m wearing used underpants!  I’ll go COMMANDO!!!”  Please…don’t say that Owen…PLEASE.  I run out of the meeting and immediately call my husband, who has also received the awesome call, as well, and is “taking care of the mess”.  Praise Neptune.

Incident 2: I get a call from the nurse yesterday: “Mrs. Laflin, I wanted to let you know that Owen hit his head on the water fountain.  He came to me, requested an ice pack, and seemed OK.  He has a lump on his head, though, so I had to report” Me……………………………….silence.  Then I regain the ability to speak “Do I need to pick him up?  Is he in pain?” Nurse – “Oh no…he just was adamantly requesting an ice pack…and he needed to go to lunch.” Me — “well, since we are professionals, we keep 3 ice packs at all times, in the freezer.  He knows what to do.” She laughed.  And I’m not surprised he needed to “move along” the nurse thing to get to lunch.  Lunch is important to Owen…VERY important. I pick him up after school, “Owen, are you ok with your head thing?” Owen — “Oh sure mom….I got an ice pack.  An ice pack is very helpful.” Ryan — “I saw him with an ice pack and rolled my eyes and hoped my friends didn’t ask me why my brother was so stupid.” Owen — “Your friends are stupid and I NEEDED that ice pack…look at my LUMP!” Ryan — “It’s so…embarrassing” Me — “I don’t think I need to REMIND you, Ryan, regarding your incident in the bathroom, with a zipper, in 1st grade?” Ryan — GIVING ME THE STINK EYE Owen — Smiling.

Owen….hits his OWN head on the damn water fountain.  Who DOES that?  Who?  My Owen.

We actually are an extremely clumsy family — as to why I have ice packs, ointment, band aids, Motrin, etc…..on hand or with me at all times.

It must be a Ginger thing.

Love, Hatefully Clumsy but Full of Joy