My Coleus is rooting

As you can see, My coleus is starting to root! How cool. In a few more days I can place it in soil and give it away for a Christmas gift. It even has the colors of Christmas! After I plant this fella, I haveanother spot of the coleus that i can propagate as well.  Just to remind everyone how to propagate a coleus I will fill you in.

How to propagate a Coleus

First take a 3 to 4 inch section of the plant, and snip it off. If the Coleus is in flower, remove the flower. This will take energy away from the plant during rooting, we do not want this. Next leave the top 1/4 of the leaves on the plant. Everything under the main cluster take them off.  This will also take away from rooting. Next you will dip the bottom of the cutting in a little bit of room temperature water, and then dip the wet end in a rooting hormone. For this I used Schultz: Take Root. I also put about a teaspoon of the powder in a small container of water (as seen in the pictures). After you have a bit of the hormone on your plant, place the plant in a small container of water. Place under a grow light, or 4-5 hours of direct sunlight a day. After about a week or so you will have roots. Sometimes it will take 3 weeks. Do not get discouraged.  This cutting took about a week and a half. I also loaded the water up with the rooting hormone. After you have a large growth of roots (similar to mine, but preferably more), you can plant the cutting is moist soil. Keep the soil moist but not wet for the next two weeks. After this you can slowly drop how much water the plant gets.

I hope this helps if you decide to propagate a coleus. Many other plants are the same way. Check out my Care Guides for a little bit more information. I have a few popular plants on the list so far. If you have one that you are really interested in that I do not have, leave me a comment and I will add a care guide for the plant you want. Or you can even write the care guide and I will throw it up for you.

 Thanks for reading


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